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Statuary is a process or technique to make statues. Statues are free standing sculptures of life size animals, humans and things are carved onto wood, marble, granite or calcium carbonate and are carefully sculpted to match reality. One technique of their manufacture is to break a larger stone into smaller one with chisels to carve out a desired shape or figure and then polish the rough surfaces with a sandpaper to even out any anomalies. They can also be made through modelling of soft clay layer onto layers of mud shaped with water making the clay soft to work with but eventually hardens with time.

Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Statues are usually made in honor or remembrance of a person after their death. Statuary was also used for praising some one or to make people aware of the dangers at a particular time like extinct species. Statues are a message to people if they are keen enough to understand. The statues of animals represent strength and power, great leaders are also tribute through making their statues from time to time. Their valor and bravery are attributed to their heroism and represented through statuary. As Jean Cocteau said,

´statues of great men are made of the stones thrown at them in their lifetime´

 If you are that artistic type and have an eye of a gold digger than you should install Clarnia´s framed wall art in your place to give it a serene environment and provide you with the waves of bliss through your wall art. The still pictures and clicks of the stoned expressions with detail and intimacy lead to an environment that is anciently appreciated.

Statue of Sphinx in the Belvedere, Historic Building Complex in Vienna, Austria Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Statuary as an art form

´Statuary is the art that clears away the additional material and removes the rubbish´

Statues were found in times as old as 2500 B.C. They were initially large mountains carved into shapes of animals and humans. They were mostly worshipped, or the statues were commonly of the ruling kings or deities. Then the statues then modernized into carved out stones and churches were decorated with them. 

The statue artists always say that the art was hidden in the stone we only removed the excess material to bring out the masterpiece. Same is the case with wall décor shops, Clarnia is here all the time and you have been not looking close enough! But now the wait ends, Clarnia gives world-wide services with inexpensive routines.

Wall décor as a symbol of majestic power

What better way to study historical monuments through wall décor? Clarnia is at your service for this purpose. You can globally access our wall panelling art and wall painting services that can enrich your place with elegance and also be useful for your children or visitor´s knowledge.

How it helps to uplift your place

´People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them´

A great mind knows the importance of history and how the historical moments affect our lives. To make your home a knowledge hub, Clarnia wall art is all you need. You can display the historical statues with details of them on your wall to make your kids learn better. Not only you but your visitors and others can also benefit from the corner of your house equipped with the wall panelling art. Home painting can also lead to fruitful results for attention is given to obvious things. Here Clarnia´s large canvas wall art and canvas prints can be your decorating partners and help you give that intellectual site you have been looking for.

Monument to Makuszynski and Walentynowicz in Opole, Poland Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

5, 4- and 3-piece framed wall art:

Confused between two pieces? You can choose to elaborate your home décor with our exclusive 3, 4- and 5-piece framed wall art. It gives you the opportunity to choose for your home décor or office wall art. The art piece can be horizontally divided into multiple canvas art or vertical framed wall art with evolution of 3, 4- and 5-piece framed wall art. You can choose to take the frame or take the canvas prints and design them according to your setting.

Cheap statuary multi panel canvas

Clarnia should be your first museum to visit for the provision of cheap and quality wall décor. The galleria consists of stocks embedded with historical monuments and studded with the very refined artwork for your wall décor. All this can be achieved at a low price at Clarnia, just choose the design of your desires and we will canvas print it for you at discounted rates.

Statuary custom canvas

You think you have the right to design for your place? Off course you have! Bring any still picture and we will make it stand as a statue in your framed wall art. Make that wall décor a symbol of your attachment to your roots and cultural aspects. You can display your own created artwork as your gallery by using the 3, 4- and 5-piece framed wall art. Our one in a million services will make you satisfied and crave for more.

Looking for a place to make your home décor great? Running in vain? Statue! Clarnia is the place you have to find!

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Clarnia is the picture perfect for your still imagery. You can inject life energy in your still walls with our wall panelling art. The metal wall art furnishes a majestic finish to your interior. It gives a new wave of reformation in your mind and place. Clarnia gives you the right to choose for yourself and also to gift your loved ones personalized artwork to content their heart´s desires and make that connection of a lifetime through canvas art. Large canvas prints and home painting give the featured uplift to your place and provide you world class perfection.


Size Chart


* Multi Panels overall size includes 1" space between each sibling panels.
Layout - 5 Star - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small:44" X 21" 1 Panels: 8" x 21", 2 Panels: 8" x 16", 2 Panels: 8" x 10"
Medium: 64" X 32" 1 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24", 2 Panels: 12" x 16"
Large: 84" X 42" 1 Panels: 16" x 42", 2 Panels: 16" x 32", 2 Panels: 16" x 21"
Layout - 5 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 34" X 21" 1 Panels: 06" x 21", 4 Panels: 06" x 16"
Medium: 49" X 32" 1 Panels: 09" x 32", 4 Panels: 09" x 24"
Large: 64" X 42" 1 Panels: 12" x 42", 4 Panels: 12" x 32"
Layout - 4 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 35" X 20" 2 Panels: 8" x 20", 2 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 51" X 32" 2 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 63" X 40" 2 Panels: 15" x 40", 2 Panels: 15" x 30"
Layout - 3 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 26" X 16" 3 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 38" X 24" 3 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 50" X 32" 3 Panels: 16" x 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Floating Frame
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Framed Print
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 20" X 16"
Medium: 30" X 20"
Large: 36" X 24"
Gallery Wrap Canvas Depth
Sizes Depth
Small 0.7"
Medium 0.7"
Large 1.1"
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