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Deer; the animal

Deer are hoofed ruminant mammals that have two main groups; namely Cervinae that includes fallow deer, muntjac, elk and chital and the second one Capreolinae that includes the reindeer, roe deer and the moose. Most species of deer shed and grow new antlers each year, in this manner they differ from the permanently horned antelope. Characteristics of deer include long legs a diminutive tail with long ears drawn upward. They exhibit a wide range of physical proportions distribution. The largest deer is the moose that is 2.6 meters and weighs 800 kg.

Coat color of deer varies from red to brown and it can be as dark as chocolate or have a light tint of grey as in elk. Some show spots on the coat which may be characterized to their geographical variation. They have to undergo two molts each year which affected by the length of the photo period. Deer are excellent in swimming and jumping, are ruminants and their stomach consists of four chambers. Nearly all deer possess a facial gland that is present in front of the eyes. It contains a scented pheromone that is used to mark its home range. All deer have a good night vision due to the presence of tapetum lucidum.

Large Red Deer Stag in Autumn Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Deer have been found be peaceful yet unique creatures of nature. They have a soft gait and bold eyes. And all these characters make them adorable, that is why they are the best of all things to have as a wall décor element. The framed wall art of a deer will make your home filled with gentleness and softness. Clarnia gives you the collection of deer and fawns with their amazing beauty and they are a bundle of joy for everyone to watch. There is no one who doesn´t adore a deer or love its existence, Clarnia is here to make your heart jump a beat like a deer´s walk with the ravishing wall décor and best deals with low prices.

Attributing a deer

´Be surefooted as a deer to stand on mountain heights´

 Deer are known for their strong determination and they also act as messengers of peace and harmony. The deer is an animal of power, it represents sensitivity, gentleness and a wave of intuition. Its gait is the most adorable character it possesses along with its large almond shaped eyes that lure everyone towards itself. The spotted deer are the most beautiful creation of the nature and they are the symbol of a mixed race. Deer is also a symbol of good luck in Chinese tradition.

Check our Deer wall art to bring happiness and liveliness to your place. It brings good luck and give you and edge of prosperity with a spark of enlightening your soul.   

A Herd of Whitetail Deer does Browsing for Food in the Winter Snow Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Deer as home décor

´A deer is a symbol of peace and kindness´

Deer appear in artwork of cave painters and they have played a major role in mythology, literature and also religion. They have a huge economic importance as their meat is used as a venison, their skin makes a soft strong buckskin, and their antlers are used for knife handles. They are also hunted for the perfumed scents and their heads are preserved to use in wall décor. Deer hunting was a popular activity in the middle ages and even today it is thought as a recreational activity.

How deer help to caress your place

Clarnia stocks are filled with hopes and dreams of your wildest imaginations. You can have a large canvas print of deer in your home or office to symbolize politeness and sternness at the same time. Deer have a gait so beautiful that it attracts everyone and the boldness in their shining eyes make everyone back down. Clarnia home painting with the most unique brushes and explicit painting techniques makes the deer walk from your dreams to your walls. It will make your wall art a symbol of peace and softness.

5, 4- and 3-piece canvas wall prints

´Love has four letters and so does deer´

The canvas prints at Clarnia give you experience larger than reality and make your wishes of roaming in the wild real for you at the comfort of your own place. If you are not fond of a single art piece and rather want to have multi panel canvas, then Clarnia is the place for you. Clarnia gives you the ease to have your favourite wall art displayed in your place.

White Deers -tailed Doe Cleans off Her Newborn Fawn Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Affordable price multi panel art

Clarnia gives you the affordable price range wall art of your choice at your doorstep. The modern wall prints, and wall painting makes the walls have a new attire and at the price range you can afford. The canvas prints of a caribou make your home filled with peace and uplift the aura of your place. Canvas wall art and the custom canvas prints on multiple canvas boards make the space of your house filled with beauty that gives a graceful finish to your house and uplift your stature.

Deer custom canvas art

Always wanted a doe? In love with a chamois? Let Clarnia make that elk walk into your home through our exclusive wall art. You can have your picture printed by us on a cheap canvas to live your dreams of the deer wall art. Home painting the softness of an elk and the gracefulness of their gait will leave a strong impression on your mind and make your home a class apart. Just rush to Clarnia with the photo of your choice.

Want to see that lovely gait? Make that nose the wall décor of your house through Clarnia.

Buck that luck!

Shop with the antlers!


Clarnia is the wetland of your fawn dreams. You have that opportunity of finding a wild deer in your home at your doorstep. You can hang the framed wall art of the favourite kind of deer family or a single fawn can be canvas printed to match your home décor. The metal wall art makes your house look a class apart and make you feel those antlers for real. Clarnia is the deer scrub land for you to have that cervine environment with our collection of deer wall art.



Size Chart


* Multi Panels overall size includes 1" space between each sibling panels.
Layout - 5 Star - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small:44" X 21" 1 Panels: 8" x 21", 2 Panels: 8" x 16", 2 Panels: 8" x 10"
Medium: 64" X 32" 1 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24", 2 Panels: 12" x 16"
Large: 84" X 42" 1 Panels: 16" x 42", 2 Panels: 16" x 32", 2 Panels: 16" x 21"
Layout - 5 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 34" X 21" 1 Panels: 06" x 21", 4 Panels: 06" x 16"
Medium: 49" X 32" 1 Panels: 09" x 32", 4 Panels: 09" x 24"
Large: 64" X 42" 1 Panels: 12" x 42", 4 Panels: 12" x 32"
Layout - 4 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 35" X 20" 2 Panels: 8" x 20", 2 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 51" X 32" 2 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 63" X 40" 2 Panels: 15" x 40", 2 Panels: 15" x 30"
Layout - 3 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 26" X 16" 3 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 38" X 24" 3 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 50" X 32" 3 Panels: 16" x 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Floating Frame
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Framed Print
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 20" X 16"
Medium: 30" X 20"
Large: 36" X 24"
Gallery Wrap Canvas Depth
Sizes Depth
Small 0.7"
Medium 0.7"
Large 1.1"
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