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´So much universe, and so little time´

Space is an extended area of the atmosphere that is present beyond the Earth and the between the interstellar bodies. It is not on a whole empty. It contains hard vacuum with low density of particles. It has various particles suspended in it like plasma of hydrogen and helium and also electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields and cosmic rays. The temperature in outer space as set by the explosion of big bang is -270oC. Outer space does not begin at a specific height above the Earth´s atmosphere however, for convenience it has been set to a height of 100 km above sea level. It is an atmosphere of extremely rough conditions and man cannot survive without specially designed shuttles and spacesuit.

3D Outlook Of Modern Space Shuttle And Space Station Working In The Outer Space Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Outer space is the nearest known perfect vacuum that has no friction, and allows planets, moons and stars to move around their orbits freely. However, even the deepest vacuums of the outer space are not devoid of matter. There are magnetic fields around every celestial body present in space. Star formation generates small scale dynamos that give rise to turbulent magnetic fields.

Clarnia is the spatial terminus for your home décor. Cheap canvas prints of spatial events will make your mind roll in the outer space with the feeling of being free and devoid of any chains of gravity. The stars with their shine and glow make your wall décor glimmer with bright colors. You can hang the canvas wall prints of a space shuttle in your office to give an upward dash to your dreams of wanderlust. Clarnia lets you travel to your farthest stars in a flash with large canvas prints and large canvas arts that give realist effects to paintings. Our brushes are of high quality that give a smooth finesse to the artwork.

Exclusivity of galactic events

The space outside the Earth´s atmosphere has a long history since Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 B.C. He suggested that nature abhors a vacuum. It was largely believed that the outer space cannot be empty.

An Astronaut Flying In A 3D Movie All Way From The Space Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Clarnia lets you pick for yourself. If you are exhausted of your tedious every day and want to take some period out for your personal self, altering the home décor will aid to comfort your daily problems. The scenes of milky way galaxy will make you flow like milk in outer space. The canvas prints of galactic activities show a great color splash in your temper. The metal wall art challenges you to travel and see for yourself the amazements of the universe. It helps enhance the appeal and give sleek finish to your home or office wall décor.

Interstellar psychology

´Don’t let someone tell you that sky is the limit when there are footprints on moon´

If you see good things in the morning it is expected that you will have a good day. Clarnia´s wall panelling art gives you the chance of a lifetime to make your every beginning brighter than before and shinier than ever. Clarnia harnesses that chance for you by bringing the best home paintings around the universe to your doorstep. You have the freedom to choose any wall art of your fondness and uplift the stationary aura of your residence to a positive, energising and soothing spirit.

How it aids to embellish your space

´Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big´

Clarnia is just around the corner of your galactic wishes. Home painting with the premium brushes and exclusive procedures is what we are best at. The smooth finish of our home wall art will leave your guests amazed. Clarnia delivers the very best of all home décor of your choice to your doorstep. Our wall paneling art will make your space a place to remember and dream an interstellar journey from. We have everything you want for your house, your office, your workplace or to gift it to your travel buddies. Just give us a visit or browse our art gallery on our website to get the best shot for yourself.

When Earth Is Viewed In Space And Galaxy Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

5, 4- and 3-piece framed wall art:

´Space is the breath of art´

Want to breathe in? Vertical canvas art at Clarnia is all you need in your wall art. The large canvas prints with bold designs and intricate patterns give you chance to live your interstellar dreams. It is an ecstasy that endows your wishes of beautiful canvas wall art. The unique spatial masterpieces can be on a single canvas or depicted in 3, 4- and 5-piece framed wall arts. Each piece is exclusively canvas printed with extreme precision and carefully panelled together to match your home décor.

Discounted multi panel framed wall art

Need some space? YES! Clarnia gives you the opportunity to let yourself fly in space with your dreams. Cheap canvas art is all that you need for your wall décor. Framed wall art proves to give a professional attire to your space. You can have your workplace studded with stars or take off to your nearest planet through Clarnia canvas prints of space shuttles or space stations and live your dreams in an affordable rate. The chance to see that spatial land has arrived!

Space custom canvas

´We are all stars and we deserve to twinkle´

Are you the star of the house? Let yourself glimmer with ideas! You can understand your space best. Your ideas will be larger than the Jupiter for your home or office. You are your personal guiding star. Just pick up a design and let Clarnia make it a work of bliss for your home décor with our custom canvas art feature. It involves you in your home painting creatively and satisfies your wandering soul. Your wish to design your interior wall décor comes to completion through Clarnia.

Want to measure the space? Have a spaceship in mind? Look for Clarnia´s space wall art and fulfil your dreams to fly infinity and beyond!

Let´s roll in space!

Shop like it´s end of the world!


To make your house filled with unearthly charisma and add glamour to the wall décor Clarnia is the space you need to visit, it gives you the right to be free and have dreams. Each art not only expresses connotation for itself but also gives flourishing finish to your walls, telling an outer space story of brush strokes, canvas printed art and dreams of metal wall art.


Size Chart


* Multi Panels overall size includes 1" space between each sibling panels.
Layout - 5 Star - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small:44" X 21" 1 Panels: 8" x 21", 2 Panels: 8" x 16", 2 Panels: 8" x 10"
Medium: 64" X 32" 1 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24", 2 Panels: 12" x 16"
Large: 84" X 42" 1 Panels: 16" x 42", 2 Panels: 16" x 32", 2 Panels: 16" x 21"
Layout - 5 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 34" X 21" 1 Panels: 06" x 21", 4 Panels: 06" x 16"
Medium: 49" X 32" 1 Panels: 09" x 32", 4 Panels: 09" x 24"
Large: 64" X 42" 1 Panels: 12" x 42", 4 Panels: 12" x 32"
Layout - 4 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 35" X 20" 2 Panels: 8" x 20", 2 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 51" X 32" 2 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 63" X 40" 2 Panels: 15" x 40", 2 Panels: 15" x 30"
Layout - 3 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 26" X 16" 3 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 38" X 24" 3 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 50" X 32" 3 Panels: 16" x 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Floating Frame
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Framed Print
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 20" X 16"
Medium: 30" X 20"
Large: 36" X 24"
Gallery Wrap Canvas Depth
Sizes Depth
Small 0.7"
Medium 0.7"
Large 1.1"
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