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An eight limbed soft bodied mollusc with 300 known species of the order ´Octopoda´ is known as the octopus commonly. Its body is bilaterally symmetric with a large bulbous head and two eyes with a beak. Its limbs are evolved into eight tentacles with suction tubers on the underside of them. It can quickly change its shape and can squeeze through small holes with ease. They have complex nervous system and are very intelligent with an excellent power of vision.

Octopuses inhabit in diverse regions of the sea including the seabed, pelagic waters and the coral reefs. Most species grow fast, mature earlier and die very quickly. Octopus moves by ejecting a jet of water through its mouth and pushing the tentacles at the back. The mouth also serves as a defensive organ as it squirts ink to camouflage and escape predators. All octopus posses’ venom but only one species is deadly to human namely the blue ringed octopus.

Coconut Octopus On Sand Background While Diving in Indonesia, Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Adult octopus weigh almost 15 kg with the arms spanning till 14 feet. The octopus has the highest ratio of brain to body mass. Octopus has an excellent sense of touch as its suction cups on the tentacles are equipped with chemoreceptors which enables the octopus to taste what it touches. Most of the octopus species live solitarily. They hide in dens which are typically gaps in rocks or some hard structures. Some species may also burrow in sand and they can use navigation skills to return to their dens.

Clarnia is here to give you clear imagery of this beautiful wonder of the nature. You can have canvas prints of octopus in its natural habitat displayed in your place to beautify it and impress your visitors. It is a symbol of disguise so your visitors will not know your true intentions and be confused about your next moves. This may give you the upper hand in your competitors.


´An octopus can hug you eight times stronger´

The name octopus has a Latin origin and means ´eight´. All octopuses are predators by nature and eat crustaceans, worms and other molluscs. Octopuses are a symbol of disguise and let you camouflage your true identity to protect yourself. They give you the cover you need to do whatever you want but be conscious and aware of your surroundings. Wait till the fruit is ripe and when the reward is in your reach go for it with all you have. Octopus signify the times you need to pretend to be someone else to get to your motives. It is the time to grow invisible and be mysterious through wall décor of octopus and let people wonder what you are thinking about.

As a reward to home décor

´Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean but true ones stick like an octopus on your face´

Octopus in Blue Planet National Aquarium Denmark in Copenhagen, Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Octopus tells you to get what you want efficiently and with wisdom. Octopus are productive workers and accomplish their goals far better than the average people out there. It tends to make you do the same. An octopus to guide you through the tough lifetime is all you could ask for. The large canvas art of octopus at your place reminds you to adapt to situations and think practically with the mind open to options. It teaches you to be flexible about your strategies and adjust your life to make it easy for you. Clarnia gives you the partner of your difficulties in framed wall art to enhance your outcomes and solve your problems.

How it curls up your place

´To be an octopus means to grab eight opportunities at once´

Octopus have the eight tentacles to show they can do eight tasks at once. They also give you the ability to multi-task. Octopus displayed at your place as a wall art will enhance your efficiency to work. The octopus is like a large balloon of wisdom in your life. Their intelligence will make you analytical thinker and will clear the gateways of your wisdom. The wall painting of octopus is a dream come true for the lovers of the sea. The colors of sea will make you swim across the octopus´ dens and be the observer of nature. Clarnia provides high class wall art of octopus to liven your place and be productive!

5, 4- and 3-piece framed wall arts

´More the tentacles, more the happiness´

The more the better. Human nature is curious and hungry for more. Clarnia gives you the root to crave for the larger things and present to you large canvas prints with 3, 4- and 5- piece framed wall art. the largeness of an octopus can be easily depicted in them and the ration of the art will make your house look enlightened and aloft. The sea adventures you had been long waiting for have come to you. The wall décor features of Clarnia will make you want to move to sea and have the best experience of your life at your own place.   

Common Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris), Wildlife animal. Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Reasonable priced canvas arts

Ever wondered in the dark of the night, loneliness of the sea, the octopus may dream of you? Well, we can´t be sure about it, but we can assure you that through Clarnia´s wall décor elements you can remember the octopus. The large canvas art of octopus is larger than life and is filled with sparks of reality that you might also want to move underwater. All this can be achieved in a minimal price range because we give you discounts and seasonal sales to make your day!

Custom large canvas prints

´Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates´

 Do you possess the talent to decorate your place? Yes! Then we need to arrange a meeting to set things right for you. You will provide the design and the best services of Clarnia will make your wish come true and may turn your place into an underwater aquarium to lighten up your mood and smooth things out. The clarity and precision of the home painting is one of a kind with the use of exquisite brushes and modern techniques. Clarnia ensures the quality of every printed or drawn article. So, grab your ideas and swim to Clarnia!

Have eight ideas? Jumbled up your tentacles? Clarnia is the solution to all your confusions and problems of wall décor!  

Lay the tentacles!

Spray the black ink!


Clarnia´s octopus´ den is the dream come true for your wall décor ideas. Its tentacles represent the greater opportunities waiting for you and the flexible nature of an octopus make you transform yourself into somewhat better person. It is the change you´ve been looking for. The metal wall of octopus will float you on the surface of the ocean and experience the magical world of water.


Size Chart


* Multi Panels overall size includes 1" space between each sibling panels.
Layout - 5 Star - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small:44" X 21" 1 Panels: 8" x 21", 2 Panels: 8" x 16", 2 Panels: 8" x 10"
Medium: 64" X 32" 1 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24", 2 Panels: 12" x 16"
Large: 84" X 42" 1 Panels: 16" x 42", 2 Panels: 16" x 32", 2 Panels: 16" x 21"
Layout - 5 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 34" X 21" 1 Panels: 06" x 21", 4 Panels: 06" x 16"
Medium: 49" X 32" 1 Panels: 09" x 32", 4 Panels: 09" x 24"
Large: 64" X 42" 1 Panels: 12" x 42", 4 Panels: 12" x 32"
Layout - 4 Pop
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 35" X 20" 2 Panels: 8" x 20", 2 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 51" X 32" 2 Panels: 12" x 32", 2 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 63" X 40" 2 Panels: 15" x 40", 2 Panels: 15" x 30"
Layout - 3 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height Panel Sizes - Pieces Details
Small: 26" X 16" 3 Panels: 8" x 16"
Medium: 38" X 24" 3 Panels: 12" x 24"
Large: 50" X 32" 3 Panels: 16" x 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Gallery Wrap
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Floating Frame
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 24" X 16"
Medium: 36" X 24"
Large: 48" X 32"
Layout - 1 Horizontal
 - Framed Print
Overall Size - width X height
Small: 20" X 16"
Medium: 30" X 20"
Large: 36" X 24"
Gallery Wrap Canvas Depth
Sizes Depth
Small 0.7"
Medium 0.7"
Large 1.1"
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