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Christmas Wall Art

Spread holiday cheer everywhere and hang Christmas wall art canvas to relive the tradition of celebrating Christmas. Every home is adorned in a way that revives the colors of festivity in the air. The range of Christmas wall art is dynamically huge ranging from spiritual to fun décor. The whole collection of Christmas wall art is immensely meaningful, spiritual, inspiring, cheerful, delightful, and colorful. The adornments of religious significance, historical aspects, cultural ethnicity, and norms based can make you relive the festival in a unique way. Christmas is the season of spreading love, joy, cheer, and merriment and Christmas wall art is a great way to bring happiness in the arena. You can not only spread the holiday merriment in your house but Christmas wall art is a great gift to celebrate Christmas with others. You can celebrate Christmas with subtle vibes from religious and classic wall art décor or vivid red Santa Claus wall art that renders a classic nativity and adds an extra jazz of Christmas vibes in any room of your house.

Christmas Wall Art at Clarnia

Majority of the people decorate their home with classic Christmas décor and adorn beautiful and colorful hanging lights, balls, and iconic Christmas tree. However if you do not have time to decorate a whole tree and hang lights all over your house, you can simply buy Christmas wall art canvas from Clarnia store to bring Christmas festivities and cheers in your home. This year the possibilities to bring colors and joys of Christmas in your house are endless. You can find an enormous range of religious and spiritual scenes, Christmas quotes, Christmas carols, colorful gifts, jolly snowmen, classic Christmas tree, and iconic Santa Claus. Clarnia store has something for everyone in its huge baggage of wall art canvas, Christmas wall art, and Christmas paintings canvas. You can decorate according to your likings, themes, color combinations, and décor style. At Clarnia we ensure to bring numerous options for everyone. We also have Christmas wall art for sale at Clarnia store. There is also a dynamic range of recreations of Christmas paintings by famous painters. You can buy Christmas wall art online in the form of traditional and significant Christmas symbols, textual art, graphical art, and painting prints. You can also get wrapped canvas and framed canvas to add an extra jazz and chic look to your Christmas wall art canvas.

Significance of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated to rejoice and remember the holy birth of Jesus Christ. The name of the festival “Christmas” comes from the Mass of the Jesus Christ. The Mass service which is also known as Eucharist or Communion is the place where Jesus died and came back for people as believed by the Christians. The service of “Christ-Mass” was allowed to rake place after dusk till the sunrise of next day, hence it was used to be celebrated at midnight. The word “Christ-Mass” was later reduced and shortened gradually and became Christmas. It is the most celebrated festivity all around the world. The people from every country celebrate Christmas all around the globe at 25th of December annually. Non-Christian people also celebrate this holy event. It is the best time to gather all the family members, friends, relatives, and others and remember the good things together. It is the time of the year to receive and give presents, food, confectioneries, and cakes.

It is a hodgepodge of celebrations, attitudes, norms, rituals, personal behaviors, worship, buying gifts for loved ones, selling goods and gifts, private family gatherings, and social public gatherings. All of this has been brought together from ancient pagan festivals. A variety of ethnic traditions, historic religious norms, biblical stories related to the birth of Jesus Christ, cultural practices, and secular strategies related to business are focused towards one date i.e. 25th of December. There are several controversial opinions related to the celebration of Christmas. Some disregard the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday, a pagan festival that Christians should ignore, and a pagan festival that should be rejected by the Christians and modern enlightened people around the globe. Another set of stories throw light on the fact that the traditions of giving love and gifts should not be confined for just one day in a year. Some of the people also consider Christmas as just an aggressive business strategy to create a drive for buying lots and lots of goods. The basic message that Christmas delivers is the holy message of the God Almighty came into the world in the form of human named Jesus. The new of God’s incarnation in human flesh is the news delivered by Christmas. Without understanding the message of God as incarnation into human flesh and His gift of son for the salvation of the world, the Christmas celebration is just another secular festival or annual holiday. Apart from the Jesus Christ’ spirit, there is no joy and peace in the human hearts. The gifts that God sent to this world through the birth of Jesus Christ is worth the celebration so that love of God can be shared around the world and is worth repeating every year in the form of contributions and gifts. The ritual of gifts is related to the event of the gifts given by Magi to Mary, Jesus and Joseph in the act of their worship. People share gifts among friends, family, and others in the Christmas festival to pay reverence to these rituals. However the primary and most vital gift is the gift of God he sent on the earth to save the world. The celebrations of Christmas are for the Glory of God and not to worship the sun god, material gift, or saint.

History of Christmas

The first date of Christmas celebration was recorded to be 25th December in 336. This was the ruling period of the first Roman Emperor Constantine. However Christmas was not an official state festival of Romans. There are several traditions regarding the celebration date of Christmas. An early tradition referred that Marry was told that she would be having a special baby was 25th March. However the Annunciation is still being celebrated on 25th of March. The duration of 9 months is completed from March to December hence the date of birth of Jesus Christ was thought to be 25th December. Some people also conclude that December is the month of celebrations due to “Winter Solstice” and midwinter festivals of Romans known as “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” and “Saturnalia”. The day of Winter Solstice is the day when sun-rising and sun-setting has the shortest gap. This day is usually 21st or 22nd December and for pagans spring is coming and winter is getting over so they used to celebrate the festival. These gatherings were associated with the worship of the sun gods in the Romans’ community.  In Europe the winter festival was associated with the slaughter of cattle as it could not be fed in winter months. It was followed by social festivities and feasts.

In Northern Europe and Scandinavia, this festival is known as Yule as Yule logs were burned in the Scandinavian and German countries. The candles were also burned in such festivals and fruit tied to the tree branches to encourage the return of warmth of the sun in spring. The Yule Logs on Christmas came from this festival. The Saturnalia festival was celebrated between 17th and 23rd December that honored the Roman God Saturn. The “birthday of the unconquered sun” festival took place on 25th December. As Jesus was a Jew so it could be a reason to help the Church choosing 25th December as the date of Christmas on early basis. The Epiphany (revelation of Jesus as son of God) is celebrated on 6th January so the early Church had been celebrating Christmas on 6th January. Gregorian calendar was most common, implemented by Pope Gregory XIII back in 1582. It is more accurate than the Roman calendar. Several Orthodox churches that still follow Roman calendar celebrate Christmas on 7th January as Julian or Roman calendar is 11 days forward than the Gregorian one. In few parts of the UK, 6th January is still referred as “old Christmas”.

The Christians call Jesus as the light of the world so they took over some of the traditions of the Winter Solstice festival and gave them Christian meanings. In huge parts of England the Christmas celebrations were started by St Augustine Canterbury in larger perspective in 6th century. He was sent by Pope Gregory so that western countries also celebrate Christmas on December 25th. The people of Western Europe and Britain took the date of 25th December as Christmas celebration all around the globe. Now whatever used to be the reason to celebrate Christmas on 25th December, it is the most cherished event. It is being celebrated for a real event that took place around 2000 years ago, the day that God sent his son into the world as a Christmas gift.


Christmas Traditions

Christmas is the most favorite holiday of most of the people all around the globe and it has several traditions associated to it. The traditions and customs are highly subjective and every family has different traditions and norms that add value to their celebration. Christmas Eve holds another level of significance in terms of celebrations, customs, and norms. People cook food, bake pies, and create Christmas cakes to not only celebrate with family and friends but to spread happiness among other people by sending food items. Doing little yet special things bring joy and excitement for people. People also feel special bonding for their family members through the traditions they follow in Christmas celebrations. These celebrations bring nostalgic vibes and urge people to come back home and leave everything at this point of the year. Usually the biggest gift is the precious time that we can give to each other by telling stories, eating together, watching movies, sitting together by the fire log and drinking hot beverages like hot cocoa, eggnog, or latte, and laughing. These traditions usually pass from generation to generation. Special menus are created in significance to the event, season, ethnicity and family preferences. Special dishes are being dedicated to the Christmas and these recipes are handed and passed on from generation to generation. Food also revives old memories and invokes nostalgic cheerfulness related to the olden times. Christmas traditions bring unity in the family when all the members from different places come to their home just for this auspicious occasion. These traditions build stability as they remain constant in the life and people look forward to these yearly. Families also change traditions and add new ones every year to keep things in perspective. Traditions related to Christmas décor are numerous and family specific. The most significant and standard traditions include decorating a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, building snowman, and adorning ornaments and lights.

Religious Christmas Canvas

Religious Christmas canvas art is the most precious category that can be hanged on your walls for all year long. It has a deep connotation and connection to the history and significance of the Christmas. You can find tons of custom canvas prints with religiously meaningful Christmas ideas. You can find the immaculate heart of Mary, the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, song of the angels, angels musician, adoration of the shepherds, vintage nativity of Christmas, shepherds worshiping at the nativity, angels praying, Victorian angel, snow angel, winter church, tons of carols, religious Christmas songs, verses from the Holy Bible, quotes of popes, and religious Christmas prayers.

Christmas Santa Claus Wall Art

Santa Claus is the most iconic figure of Christmas celebration especially when you have small children at home. It is extremely important to celebrate the coming of Santa Claus to the town and becomes an exciting event on late Christmas Eve. Santa Claus Christmas wall art adds that special Christmas touch and you can excite kids by gifting the Santa Claus Christmas wall art for their room décor. Santa Claus is a jolly old man that awakes the little children to give them Christmas gifts. You can find a ton of canvas prints of Santa Claus wall art to excite the children or bring back the childhood memories of adults. Santa Claus is a legendary figure who is a conventional and customary patron of Christmas in the USA and other countries around the globe. This jolly character brings tons of exciting gifts to the children. The popular image of Santa Claus is associated with a 4th century Christian saint, Saint Nicholas. He fills the role of Christmas traditions in many European countries as well. Saint Nicholas became the bishop at the age of 17 and after 13 years he served as the bishop of Myra. He was sent to jail by the rulers of the Roman Empire in the East for 10 years. He got released by Constantine and later he helped him in the conflict with Arius. After the victory Saint Nicholas got famous and became the subject of several legends. One of the famous stories include helping a poor family with three daughters and no dowries and they were about to become prostitutes. He threw bags of gold through the window of a bedroom for two daughters and one bag through chimney. The third bag landed in the stocking of the third daughter that was hung by the fireplace to get dry. The tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace comes from this story. The Dutch people transported the Saint Nicholas to New Amsterdam which is now New York City along with the tradition of bringing gifts and sweets to children on the feast day at 6th December.

The current image and getup of Santa Claus is based on the images created by a cartoonist known as Thomas Nast. He used to draw images of Santa Claus for Harper’s weekly magazine in 1863. Nast took the inspiration from the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” published in 1823. In 1931 an illustrator known as Haddon Sundblum created advertisements for Coca Cola for Christmas in which he further defined the image of Santa Claus. The Santa depicted by Sundblum was white-beard, in a red suit, black belt, black boots, white fur trim, and a soft red cap. The Santa Claus is thought to live at the North Pole with his wife where he spends the whole year making toys with the help of his elves for the Christmas. He receives tons of letters from children who ask for Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve the Santa loads his sleigh with gifts and toys and then flies around the globe to distribute gifts. He flies on a sleigh drawn by eight reindeers. The sleigh stops at each house, the Santa slides down the chimney and leaves the gifts for children. He also refreshes himself with milk and cookies left for him by the children. 

Christmas Animal Wall Art

The association of animals with the Christmas is absolutely lovely and amazing. The reindeers hold a special place in the Christmas traditions and you can add reindeers to your house décor by selecting Christmas wall art based on animals from Clarnia store. Also if you love your pets you get customized animal Christmas wall art by combining the Christmas theme and animals in a wall décor. The pets wearing Santa hats look absolutely cute hanging on the wall. This creates an absolutely extravagant Christmas decorations. The Christmas wall art brings joy and cheerfulness into your homes and you can gift these customized animal wall art to your loved ones as well.

Reindeer wall art looks absolutely beautiful, spiritual, nostalgic, and over-the-top Christmas classic. Reindeers are not just associated with Santa Claus they also hold a special value. However the strongest relation of reindeers to Christmas is that they pull the sleigh of Santa Claus. Reindeers also represent wandering, strength, journeying, and endurance. A poem linked reindeers to Santa’s sleigh and the inspiration must be taken from the above mentioned aspects. Reindeers are mobile and adaptable to new surroundings. They also prefer the freedom and like to move a lot. The association of reindeers and Santa started with a poem written by Clement C. Moore named as “Twas the Night before Christmas”. It was written in 1824 and has various versions. Houghton Mifflin Company-Boston published the copyright version in 1912. In all versions it is stated that eight small reindeers pull sleigh of Santa. In Norse myths, the chariot of Thor was pulled by goats which were later transformed into reindeers. Most of the people are of the view that Moore took his poem’s inspiration from this myth. Rudolph was also added to the Santa’s herd back in 1939. Robert L. May wrote a poem for children for Montgomery Ward and the US retail chain was entitled as the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The poem of May was reprinted as a Christmas booklet and music was written for this poem in 1947 by May’s friend, Johnny Marks.

Nomadic pagan tribes also included reindeer in sacrificial religious rituals. They were also featured on ancient megaliths of Mongolians which were carved with symbols. Some scholars also speculate that reindeer represent important people. Reindeers have garnered their name from the depictions of flying deer pared into the stone. Reindeers symbolize cleverness, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, resourcefulness, and inventiveness. They are also being honored for representing the continuation of the tribe and nobility. They also symbolize caring and gentleness. It is also a family-oriented totem that is quite skilful in social activity and communication. They also welcome the opportunity to guide in different directions. Reindeers also teach the power of adaptation in tenacity and adversity. They also help in spiritual transition, social abilities, and communication.

Christmas Snowman Wall Art

Snowman wall art looks absolutely adorable and a cute holiday gift to spread Christmas vibes. These canvas prints brings back the feeling of Christmas, winter wonderland, and seasonal changes all in one piece of Christmas wall art.  You can place snowman wall art in any room for an extra holiday touch and winter vibes. Snowman Christmas wall art also reminds to go outside in snow and create an adorable fun snowman. Snowmen were first made to scare away the evil winter spirits. Snowmen now have become a fun activity to step outside and play with snow. The most famous snowman is Frosty the Snowman who appeared in the Christmas song which was written in 1950 by Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson. A film in the name of Frosty the Snowman was made in 1969 which was a story of a magical snowman came to life and became best friend of a little girl. A film called The Snowman made in 1982 in UK where a snowman came to life and helped a little boy to see Father Christmas via flying. The children love to create snowmen from the hefty snow outside their houses and decorate it with mufflers, carrots, Santa hat, buttons, and lights. The snowman is highly associated with Christmas celebrations due to winter holidays and winter festivals.

Christmas tree Wall Art

Christmas is not a Christmas without a beautifully decorated Fir tree. The Christmas wall art framing Christmas tree is the most popular canvas wall art. The vividness of lush green Fir tree, the colorful ornaments, and a full collection of gifts surrounding the tree looks absolutely adorable in the form of Christmas wall art. The lush green Fir tree has been used to celebrate the pagan winter festivals for thousands of years. The branches of Fir tree were used to decorate the houses of the pagans during winter solstice festival. The greenery of Fir branches made them realize the coming of spring. The temples of Romans were decorated using Fir tree branches during the festival of Saturnalia. Fir tree for Christians symbolizes the everlasting life with God. It is not certain that when Fir trees were first used as Christmas trees however the tradition began about thousand years ago in Northern Europe. In the beginning trees were used to be hanged upside down from the ceiling through chains, lighting hooks, and chandeliers.

In Northern Europe cherry or hawthorn plants or their branches were used as Christmas trees. These plants were potted and brought inside so that they would bloom by the Christmas time. If people couldn’t afford real plants, they used to take wood pyramids and decorated those with paper, candles, and apples to give them a real tree look. These trees were also used to be carried from home to home instead of displaying them in a single home. The wooden pyramid trees were made to look like Paradise Trees that were used in Miracle Plays in front of the churches on Christmas Eve. The Paradise Tree represented the Garden of Eden as 24th December was Eve and Adam’s day. Before the play started, the tree was paraded around the town as a way of advertising. These plays used to depict Bible stories for the people who couldn’t read. The first cities that used tree at Christmas and New Year celebrations were Tallinn and Riga in 1441 and 1510 respectively. In the 16th century, a German preacher Martin Luther brought the Christmas tree into the house as people do at present. There is a story of Christmas tree from Germany. On a cold Christmas Eve a poor boy came to a foster’s cottage and asked for help. The family cleaned him, fed him, and put to bed of their youngest son. In the morning the family was woken up by a choir of angels and the boy was turned into Jesus. The Christ child went to their front garden and broke a branch of Fir tree and presented it to the family as a gift for taking care. Even since then people started bringing Christmas trees into their homes to remember that night.

The Christmas trees were first decorated with edibles like gold covered apples and gingerbread. After that glass makers started making ornaments similar to the present décor. The figure of the Baby Jesus was put on the top of the tree at first which got changed into fairy/angle over the time or a star. The Queen Charlotte first set the Christmas tree in UK in 1800 and it became quite popular throughout the country by the end of 1840. The pictures of that royal tree were published in the newspapers and those publications helped in making Christmas tree popular in the USA and other parts of UK. The trees in Victorian times were decorated with candles as stars. Metal holders were specially made for cut trees in fancy shapes in 1860s. Nowadays the traditions have been modernized and the options for decorating are uncountable. 

Types of Wall Art According to the Symbols of Christmas

All the decorations and Christmas symbols have a deep meaning and they are a part of the holy event for a vital reason. Each symbol is a magical part of the Christmas because they carry a special meaning and glorify the Christmas. 


  • Angels

You have usually seen angels in the Christmas decorations. There are several types of angel wall décor at Clarnia store to decorate your home with. Angels proclaimed the news of the Jesus’ birth. Angels sing “Glory to the God in the highest” and then proclaimed the news on the first Christmas night.

  • Bells

Bells are majorly used in the Christmas decoration especially on the Christmas tree. The golden bells look royally beautiful in the Christmas wall art. Bells are used to guide the lost sheep back to the herd. They also signify that all humans are precious in the God’s eyes and He will help you.

  • Gifts

The most enchanting, exciting, and interesting part of the Christmas. From children to adults, every single person gets excited for gifts and start purchasing gifts for friends and family. The gifts are gathered around the Christmas tree and Christmas wall art capturing gifts and Christmas tree looks extremely vivacious and colorful. The Christmas gifts remind the gift of God that He sent as Jesus to this world. This is the greatest gift of all. Exchanging gifts is a symbol of kindness, love, and remembrance of His eternal gift.

  • Holly

Holly plant is a sign of immorality and the crown of thorns that Savior wore. The red holly berries represent the bloodshed of Jesus Christ. Holly berries are the most significant part of Christmas décor and also get featured in Christmas wall art. The red color looks amazing in the canvas wall art.

  • Wreath

Wreaths are evergreen circles that are placed on the doors of houses as a Christmas décor. These are a symbol of never ending love of God that has no beginning and no ending. The evergreen circles also symbolize eternal life. Christmas wall art featuring wreaths are a great gift to spread happiness and positivity.

  • Candles

Candles are the most significant symbol of Christmas that spreads light, hope, and joy. Candles are one of the most purchased gifts of all at the Christmas time. The Christmas wall art featuring candles is also a great gift and looks serene hanging on the wall. Christmas candles remind that Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is the light that we all should follow and through Jesus we can find our way out in the darkness.

  • Candy Canes

The most eaten candy at the Christmas time is this peppermint-flavored candy cane shaped like a shepherd’s crook. The red and white stripes of candy cane are the most cherished memory of Christmas. The Christmas wall art featuring candy canes looks beautiful and adds a cherished Christmas touch to the house. The candy cane symbolizes the shepherd’s crook to bring the lams back to the fold. Jesus is often thought of as a Good Shepherd that is guiding us back to the fold. The white stripes represent the purity of Jesus and the red stripes signify the blood that Jesus shed for us.

  • Star

Christmas star looks absolutely gorgeous on the top of the Christmas tree and represents the first star of Bethlehem that was shinning on the sky the night Jesus was born. Jesus Christ is the shinning hope for all the mankind and also symbolizes that he is the light of hope.

Types of Wall Art of Christmas Decorations

A very glam way to decorate your home with Christmas wall art is ornament wall art. Ornaments are all beautiful Christmas decorations that are used to decorate the house, fireplace, and the Christmas tree. You can gift the ornate ornaments wall décor canvas prints to spread Christmas cherishes all around. You can also decorate your home to add extra holiday spirit. Ornaments wall décor will go with any theme and add a very classy touch by bringing the holiday vibes into your home. There are so many Christmas ornaments and decorations but few are extremely special and hold special significance. You can adorn your house with all signature ornaments to associate it with the holiday season.

  • Glass Ball Ornaments

A classic Christmas tree custom decoration, glass ball ornaments are specially used to decorate the trees. These are also known as bubbles and people also create a unique theme by adding solid-colored ball ornaments. Glass ball ornaments commemorate the special occasion of Christmas and Christmas wall art featuring these decorations looks adorable and glitzy.

  • Glass ornaments

Instead of ball, glass ornaments are also shaped into different variety that can add magical and unique touch to the traditional Christmas items. These are shaped into animals, acorns, birds, reindeers, and other symbols. These are also available in elongated ovals and icicle shaped ornaments that are reminiscent of the winter that add perfectly natural theme to the Christmas tree. The teardrop or chandelier shaped glass ornaments and sphere shaped glass ornaments also look classy and graceful.

  • Customized Christmas Ornaments

Just like custom canvas prints you can also get customized Christmas ornaments that yield a deeper meaning, a soul and a heart. They make a special gift and can be treasured for years. You can get customized Christmas ornaments in the form of Christmas wall art to lock that special spot in anyone’s heart. These wall art prints can be a good reminder of different events and occasions.

  • Garland and Tinsel

These are classic Christmas décor items and used as staples to transform your home into a magical winter wonderland. Tinsel and garland bring that signature Christmas feel in the house. Garlands are used to decorate almost everything in the house and you can also drape these on the mantel to complement the stockings. Garlands can also be used to decorate the staircase to bring a classic winter touch. Tinsels are similar to garlands that you can sprinkle on the branches of the Christmas tree. Tinsels create such a glimmer, glitzy, and spectacular touch to the Christmas décor and look mesmerizing after lights are turned off at night. Tinsels and garlands when featured in Christmas wall art looks so festive and add glamour to your home décor.

  • Christmas Lights

The most colorful part of Christmas décor is a collection of different colored Christmas lights that add a wonderful and solid festive touch to your house. Christmas lights add a backdrop to your tinsels, ornaments, and branches of Christmas tree. The Christmas wall art featuring Christmas lights can add such a colorful touch to your wall décor.

  • Christmas Village

The most iconic scene of Christmas plays depicts the Christmas village. This is by far the most valuable and signature symbol of Christmas. Christmas villages are available in different sizes that you can place on the table or in different corners. The depiction of Santa Claus’ workshop, North Pole, ice skating shank, and ski lodge also look great in home décor. Christmas wall art featuring all these scenes can bring huge vibe of Christmas celebrations. You can also gift the scenes of Christmas village to your relatives to spread the true spirit of Christmas. 

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Christmas wall art is the way to celebrate your holiday season this year. Home decoration is the most popular tradition of Christmas celebration and you can adorn your walls with inspiring, colorful, and fun Christmas wall art. The collection of Christmas wall art at Clarnia store is a delightful way to celebrate the joy.

The Merriment of Christmas Wall Art in a Nutshell

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals all around the globe. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December as the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. All different Christmas traditions and decorations have a special significance and religious meaning. You can get all these incorporated in Christmas wall art at Clarnia store.


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