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Canvas wall art is a chic way to decorate to your home. It is basically an outcome of a printed image on a canvas, stretched onto a frame, and displayed as an art piece. Canvas wall art prints are also used to imitate other varieties of art.

Brief History

Canvas is derived from the Latin word “cannabis” and it was made from tightly woven hemp in olden times. Canvas wall art became common in the 16th century during the period of Italian Renaissance when Venetian painters started using canvas keenly as it was easier to use in hot and humid conditions as compared to frescos or wood panels. Canvas was supplied readily on a large scale and at cheap rates. The same material was also used to make sails and Venetians were distinguished for their marine fleet. Canvas allows for large formats, portability, lightweight, and flexibility when it comes to canvas wall art.

Benefits of Canvas

Canvas is less prone to cracking and warping which is common with wooden panels. These advantages led to prompt diffusion of canvas and the Spanish began to adopt canvas art soon. The iconic painter Diego Velazquez dominated the left-hand side of his famous Las Meninas painting with a canvas, proving that canvas befits the royalty even. Canvas superseded panels as the major paintings support in the Northern Europe by the 17th century. This trend for canvas wall art décor continues today that is not only used for oil paintings, but is expanded for acrylic paintings, embroidery, and photograph canvas prints.

Professional Display

The painters and photographers can professionally display their art pieces with an affordable option. Classically, hemp and linen were used to make canvas wall art which can still be found today, however most industrial canvas are created from cotton. The price of canvas is quite economical and cotton is quite stretchable which prohibits cracking and artwork prints get lesser damage. The strength is increased by weaving the cotton with a plain weave, giving the artists a choice to select canvas based on the tightness of cotton.

Wall Art Prints

Offset printing is a dynamic way to reproduce original artwork in the form of canvas art prints and wall art prints since several decades. Canvas art prints have also been associated with inkjet process of printing or dye sublimation. The material used for printing canvas wall art is usually plastic poly canvas or cotton in general for photographic canvas artwork. Photographers and artists use digital printers to produce wall art prints using consumer printers whereas large printers are capable of printing 1.5 meters canvas rolls. Digital artwork prints can also be sent to printing companies or printing services to get marvelous canvas wall décor for homes. You can buy a wide range of digital wall art décor and artwork prints at Clarnia store.

Panel Wall Art

There are different display methods for the canvas wall art, one is to trim the canvas to the required size and then staple or glue it to the conventional stretcher bars or wooden panels. This is basically known as panel wall art that can be displayed in a frame or a gallery wrap. Solid pine is used to construct the stretchers and they underpinned for additional strength. Wall art prints are used as a final output and are an economical yet chic alternative to framed artwork. Canvas artwork does not require glazing or varnishing hence it does not put additional burden on your pocket. Canvas wall décor is one of the best ways to display the talent and the material has something prestigious and is a recent development in art history.

Artwork Prints

With the development of printing technology, the artists are turning towards the digital art printing and photographers have been creating canvas art prints since 1990’s to display their artwork as master painters have done in the past. You can create cheap canvas wall art with high-quality printing and use it as wall art décor for offices and homes. Multi panel wall art can be hung directly on your walls rendering a striking way to decorate with a class apart. These are available in several different sizes, styles and designs. The durability of multi piece wall art can render master artistry without hefty efforts. Ready-to-hang wall art décoris not only environment friendly but a simple way of elevating home décor.

Canvas Wall Art Prints

When it comes to home décor and interior designing, you have to look after every minute detail including the color of the paint, furniture type, arrangement, and overall design of the rooms. The interior design of the entire house must be harmonized and incorporate multiple designing aspects that complement each other and balance the entire stance of the interior. The most prevailing way of home décor these days is to get the best canvas wall art to accentuate the color and shade of surrounding furniture and walls. Several home owners are investing in wall art décorand different types of panel wall art mediums to enhance their interior decoration.

What it takes to select Artwork Prints

The artwork prints can breathe life into the home décor trends. In order to select canvas wall décor you don’t have to be extensively creative and you can decorate your large walls with marvelous canvas artwork in no time. All you have to do is to reach Clarnia store, search your desired category, choose your favorite artwork prints, and book the order. Also you don’t have to be immensely rich to buy wall art décor unlike original artifacts of the painters. There are hundreds and thousands of wall art prints available at Clarnia store in affordable range. The possibilities and combinations are endless. You can also customize the artwork prints according to your theme. Canvas wall art is the replica and reproduction of contemporary and classical art that is as authentic and beautiful and plays an involved role in boosting the aesthetics of your entire house and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Brief Review 

Canvas wall art has become one of the most popular, simple, cheap, easy, and most beautiful way of decorating home. Wall art prints have become quite high-flying wall decoration that homeowners are incessantly investing in. These artwork prints add a special and specific finish and touch to the rooms, which is impeccable. Multi panel wall art displays a modern and signature style of artwork prints that render a solution to the modern homeowners. Clarniaincludes some of the best selling wall art designs and you can choose a pattern that specifies your favorite type, size, and detail of artwork prints. Clarniaalso customizes the multi panel wall art to fit your home or office walls.


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